VirtuaWin 4.5

VirtuaWin can let you use up to 20 virtual desktops
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Unlike other operating systems that allow you to organize your work over various desktops, Windows provides just one workspace. However, VirtuaWin lets you use up to 20 virtual desktops.
In my opinion, the use of the application is unnecessarily complicated. Most users would only want to switch from one virtual workspace to another, as when you are using a desktop for personal use and another one for work. Thus, the availability of so many extra options could be a real headache for inexpert users. It could be great if the program offered two different modes: beginners and experts.

This program starts along with the system and remains hidden at the Tray. The number of desktops and their position is set before the first use. Although you can use the icon there for most operations, you can also use key combinations and your mouse to move from one desktop to another. Luckily, additional features can be downloaded as modules from the developer’s website.

In a few words, although using VirtuaWin adds extra complications, its benefits in terms of productivity and organization surpass its disadvantages.

Pedro Castro
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  • It can create various desktops
  • It provides several options
  • More functions can be downloaded from the developer's site


  • Its use is unnecessarily complicated
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